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Fiddle Jam for teachers
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Fiddle Jam for Teachers

As you may well know, new national education standards ask for improvisation to be a part of your regular music program. Are you ready? Can you improvise yourself? …or are you

TERRIFIED to do so – let alone TEACH it!!!? Never fear, Fiddle Jam is here – and it couldn’t be any easier! A Fiddle Jam Clinic can kick start your students into the Joy of the Jam! Geoff is also happy to speak with teachers individually, at conferences, or as part of a residency program. Please feel free to contact us for more info.

…and don’t worry, the kids will love it (and YOU!).

"Blues Attitude"
Photo image by Dan Syracuse/Big Bang Graphics


Have Geoff or an associate come to your school or organization to teach you
the fiddle jammin’ ways directly!  For booking information write

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