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Fiddle Jam for Parents

"It's OK for my kid to do that?!" (re: whatever they want)

Yes! Not only good, but GREAT!! Don't worry though, we're not saying that it's OK for your child to just sit around, goof-off, and noodle for hours instead of quality practicing; but a good balanced dose of daily improv, in an environment free of ANY criticism*, and anything BUT positive encouragement, is where your job becomes critical (for lack of a better term). In other words: save your well meaning "corrections" for "Vivaldi." In order to develop a strong authoritative connection to their own inner creativity, we need this kind of atmosphere, and at home, and only you can really create that.

Once they start to "own" it, it will become a part of their life forever! …and, isn't that one of the main reasons you had them start lessons in the first place?

Geoff is also happy to talk to Boosters organizations and parents directly about the best ways to support your string kids Fiddle Jamming experience.

*Note: Yes, let them make stuff up in ANY manner that they please during their improv time... even if they are just enamored with croaking the bow like a frog!... be patient, let them go, as soon enough they will tire of that (even if it seems that they may never tire of it, at least they are building a wealth of experience that music making is FUN!). Remember, there is a LOT more going on than mere sound making in the study of music! ...especially in the youngest students. Fiddle Jam materials present plenty of "cool" stuff they are almost guaranteed to want to try when they are ready.

*****NEW Parent Training Program!

Coming soon to the Fiddle Jam Institute (for a small membership fee) will be a new program that will teach parents how to "home school" their young children using the fun Fiddle Jam Method materials! This program is designed for those who may not be able to find a suitable (re: fun & cool) teacher in their area; or had a negative experience with an overly serious classical-only teacher. Especially good for parents of students under the age of 8. No music experience needed!

On-demand video lessons will teach the parent how to play the basics and suggest ways to keep it fun & fruitful for you and your young child, based on Geoff's many years of teaching.

Don't worry... It's easier than you might think! You only need to be barely one lesson ahead of them, and be willing to have fun together with it. Famous methods like Suzuki actually require the parent to do this ...but the Fiddle Jam Method is much more FUN!

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