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The Cool Stuff <<::>> The E-Z Way
So, what kind of things are covered in Fiddle Jam Institute lesson materials?...

First off, it is the WAY that lessons are taught that seems to set the Fiddle Jam Institute apart from other online lesson sites. Founder Geoffrey Fitzhugh Perry has been called a gifted communicator and teacher, and prides himself with being able to explain things in real-life, no-nonsense ways that speed the student to their goals with maximum efficiency and fun... always remembering, culled form his 35 years as a performer and teacher, that the real goal is always "Maximum GOOSEBUMPS!" ... and every lesson should ultimately serve that humble goal..

Materials you may ask?...

The Fiddle Jam book lessons are there of course, but so are new videos and extra audio tracks that delve into much greater detail on those lessons, as well as many brand new lessons and jam-along tracks.

Realizing that the logical next step in an improviser's development is to build up a physical vocabulary of the cool stuff to draw upon, Geoff wrote a book of practice exercises entitled "Rock 'n' Blue Fiddle Atoodz" that is now in it's 3rd edition. These studies are being presented within the Institute in 3 levels: "Jammer, Gigger, & Artist" (E-Z, intermediate, & advanced) where "Call & Answer" tracks let you hear the phrase first before trying to repeat it, and "Play-Thru" tracks at various tempos encourage you to keep going no matter what, so you are better prepared to play real music with real musicians!

An expanding repertoire of Traditional Folk & Fiddle Tunes are there too; presented and taught in a multitude of ways (by ear, staff music, fiddler's tab, note names & finger numbers, etc...) in an attempt to accommodate the many different kinds of learners in the world.

And, if the original Fiddle Jam book materials are considered an entrylevel "Jamming 101" course then, "Jamming 102" is learning to play and improvise over simple Roots Music (I-IV-V) chord changes that are typically found in Blues, Rock, Country, Folk, and Cajun/Zydeco music.

These are explained in detail with "Music Mechanics" (Theory) lessons and are presented in Geoff's usual, E-Z to understand, Fiddle Jam teaching style.

More advanced styles of Traditional Jazz & Gypsy Jazz (one of Geoff's specialties) are also explored, and learning how to create double string back-up accompaniment parts with "Boogie Woogie" patterns and "Tatering" as it is sometimes called, are there too.

Electric violin gear reviews and tutorials, a section on Musician's Health (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual), and "Cool Concepts" where you can get advice on everything from the etiquette of sitting in with a band, and getting over stage fright, to techniques on how to get the most out of your practice time, and reports on the newest science behind why music study and experience is so good for you, round out the school's vision.

Enrolled students also get perks like being able to submit special requests for lessons on a particular song they'd like to learn, so Geoff can create learning materials and then share them with all the students. Private oneon- one lessons via web cam or video exchange lessons are an option too via our school e-store.

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