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Who is FJI for?

  • ANYONE who is interested in taking that "walk on the wild side" of the violin/fiddle worlds by learning to improvise and play in the modern styles like Jazz, Blues, Rock, Country and all their many hybrids!!
  • ANYONE who plays violin/fiddle (of course), but also mandolin (which has the same exact tuning as the violin by the way), viola, and cello. Other instrumentalists can learn from the Fiddle Jam Method too, but the materials will be addressing the particulars of these instruments most directly.
  • Near-beginners, once they know their first 3 open string-based major scales: G, D, A for violin/mandolin and C, G, D for viola/cello (usually learned well within the first year of study).
  • Advanced or professional Classical players who desire to learn the modern "cool" styles.
  • Traditional Bluegrass fiddlers looking to spice up their playing by learning how to "take a ride" (improvise) over the tunes they may already know (or learn new ones!) and also learn how to create double string back-up "tater-ing"
  • Anyone looking to break out of the old Classical-only mold!
  • Anyone looking to get involved in the exciting world of electric instruments and electronic effects!
  • NEW! Parents looking to home school their own children with these fun methods and materials!
  • Teachers who desire to apply the Fiddle Jam Method and materials to their own classrooms to keep string kids excited and engaged for a lifetime of music!


Won't YOU Join us?


Have Geoff or an associate come to your school or organization to teach you
the fiddle jamminí ways directly!  For booking information write


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