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"Fiddle Jam, a way-cool easy way to learn how to improvise," by Geoffrey Fitzhugh Perry, is an educational music method teaching the art of improvisation to violinists (and viola/cello too), and is currently published and distributed world-wide by the Hal Leonard Corporation.

Take a walk on the wild side of the violin/fiddle worlds! Fun and relaxed approach. Designed so that a first year student can participate freely, but also so the classically trained professional player, who maybe wants to get introduced to the modern "improv-based" styles of jazz, blues, rock, cajun, funk, and other hybrid musics can benefit too. "Just jam along, and you can’t go wrong" approach uses two-string symmetrical fingering blocks called "EZ-Zones" to help encourage the new improviser into a non-thinking, more creative state (the desired goal for improvisation) earlier in their development.

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